As a silk artist, I create unique works-of-art for everyday wear and veils for dancers.  Silk painting was introduced to me on a beach in Ixtapa almost 20 years ago. From the beginning, I was hooked.  Other mediums never gave me the same feeling of awe that I found with silk.

I do not work from a catalog of designs and color combinations.  Instead, I paint whatever makes me happy.  In fact, unless I’m working on a custom piece, I usually do not know exactly what I’m going to paint until I start.  Each silk is hand painted, making it unique. The beauty of a hand-painted item is that no two pieces are exactly alike.  Creating each silk piece is an intensive process. From selecting the best quality silk to mixing custom colors using professional dyes to steaming and sewing, each silk piece is lovingly created to make you, the customer, happy (and it makes me happy, too!).