Fiesta ... hand painted silk dance veil


Playing around with some slightly damaged silk, I decided to paint a simplified version of my Fiesta Hibiscus. The background is a pale mix of pink, peach and sand. This helps the hibiscus in the bottom center to stand out. The outline was drawn with resist, so this will show a natural white/slightly off-white in color. The hibiscus itself is a medium shades of dark peach, coral and pink with mint green leaves.

FLUB: This veil is slightly discounted as there is small area (about 1 inch) on the woven selvage that is beginning fray. It is hardly noticeable when the veil is at rest ... it will never be seen when the veil is motion.


Silk - 100% silk habotai (5mm), extremely lightweight and sheer

Size - Rectangle, 3-yards (108") x 44" (274.3 cm x 111.7 cm)

Hem - Unhemmed, non-selvage "pinked" to prevent fraying

Shipping via first class mail. Thanks for looking!

Note: this design is not available for wholesale.